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Councilman John Akouri, former Washington, DC Press Secretary & Capitol Hill Advisor, is President & CEO of the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Statement of Councilman John Akouri Supporting the People of Lebanon After Government Collapse

BIRMINGHAM, MI/USA – Washington Senior Advisor and former Capitol Hill Press Secretary John Akouri spoke with the members of the press corp today releasing the following statement on the situation in Beirut in the wake of the collapse of the government of Lebanon:
"The people of Lebanon have weathered considerable turmoil and years of war in the last few decades. This past government, formed less than two years ago, had provided an opportunity for the Lebanese to move forward, to put the civil war behind them and live peacefully among the many different sects and religions that make up this small nation. We see today yet another attempt by the divine enemies of Lebanon to destabilize and destroy any hope for the future of Lebanon and its people. While news that has become all too familiar continues to emerge out of Beirut, those responsible cannot assassinate the will and spirit of the Lebanese people to live in a land that is truly free, independent and sovereign. Lebanon is a strong tree with branches for many birds, but sadly the specter of war looms once more on a resilient people and today's troubling news of yet another new political crisis that this time threatens to deteriorate into sectarian violence, is concerning and serious.
Three years ago Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters after meeting with Lebanese parliamentary leader Saad Hariri at Qoreitem: "The road to solving Lebanon's problems passes through Damascus." If todays actions fulfill her assessment of solution, then perhaps the Lebanese should return to an eternal state of problematic uncertainty in perpetuity. I proudly join the call of distinguished United States Congressman Charles Boustany (R-LA) in encouraging the Obama Administration to continue its support of the people of Lebanon as they work to build a politically stable and independent nation, safe from the threat of terrorism. Additionally, I applaud and strongly echo the words of United States Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) in reminding the people of Lebanon that the United States stands behind their nation’s sovereign right to exercise judicial proceedings, assisted by the international community, without intimidation and urge the Lebanese people to rise above this great crisis and continue to move in the direction of democracy, peace and prosperity."

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