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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce - Houston Office Meets with US Presidential Candidate Duncan Hunter

HOUSTON - Dr. Hamid Kantara, head of the Houston Office of the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce (LACC), along with a delegation from the American Lebanese National Mission (ALNM) and the Lebanese Youth Bridges (LYB), visited recently with US Presidential Candidate Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) in Austin, Texas. Moderated by Dr. Kantara, the delegation discussed the ongoing crisis in Lebanon and asked the Congressman for his support of the Lebanese people and their efforts to secure true democracy and independence beyond 2008. Members of the delegation included Dr. Mazin Moufarij, Dr Clair Lakkis, Chadi Dirani, Elsy Oueiss, Rita Mokbel, Fadi Hajj and Wissam Habchi.
The meeting with Congressman Hunter was very positive and promising. The delegation relayed key issues to the Congressman and clarified items of interest. Hunter stands firm on issues related to Homeland Security and Border Patrol. “We were very pleased with the content and direction of the meeting,” said Dr. Kantara. “We are thankful for the opportunity to have private time with a Presidential candidate. LACC and ALNM continue to work diligently to reach officials and agencies at the highest possible level to create commitments and partnerships aimed to secure a better future for our community here and our homeland across the seas.”

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