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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Safadi Foundation USA Announces Launch of New Washington, DC Based Office & Website to Support Lebanon's Human Development Objectives

(WASHINGTON, DC) 02.11.09/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Safadi Foundation USA announced yesterday the official opening of their office based in Washington, DC. Safadi Foundation USA is a non-partisan, charitable, tax-exempt organization dedicated to promoting a national and strategic framework for Lebanon's human development needs. "This initiative will build support for Lebanese civil society and raise awareness about Lebanon's critical development challenges," said Osama Khoury, President of the Foundation.
The Foundation's development objectives include rallying support for a more efficient and sustainable development in Lebanon through projects aimed at strengthening the capacity of civil society and fostering the growth of strong and independent state institutions dedicated to the rule of law, good governance and development in Lebanon. These objectives will be achieved by partnering international donors with local organizations proven to be accountable, transparent and effective.
The Foundation's position in Washington, DC allows it to serve as a link between Lebanese local actors, namely its sister organization, and international and American human development organizations based in the USA. The Foundation also aims to strengthen the bridge between Lebanese local communities and the Lebanese and Arab Diaspora in a manner that will transcend sectarian and partisan narratives that complicate a deep understanding of Lebanon's development challenges.
Since 2001, the Safadi Foundation in Lebanon has been working to improve the livelihood and participation of citizens through programs in the areas of information communication technology, agriculture, social development, health, sports, environment, education, culture, and youth.
A new opportunity for engagement with the Middle East and U.S. foreign assistance is at hand now. "It is likely that the ongoing economic crisis will reduce the level of resources available. Therefore, it's a good time to think about the priorities of U.S. development assistance to Lebanon and what kind of opportunities can be gained from enhancing the quality and effectiveness of current and future assistance," said Lara Alameh, the newly appointed Executive Director. The Foundation will serve as an educational resource among policymakers and government officials for sustained economic development assistance to Lebanon based on objective analysis, research and policy guidance.
Safadi Foundation USA is a non-partisan registered 501(c)(3) public charitable tax-exempt organization dedicated to promoting a national and strategic framework for Lebanon's development. For more information, please visit:

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