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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Learn Arabic Classes offered at Our Lady of Redemption Melkite Church

(WARREN, MI) Arabic classes will be offered for adults at Our Lady of Redemption Church (OLR), starting Saturday, the 27th of September 2008. The students should be 16 years of age and older. OLR will be offering different classes to meet the level of the students. The program will cover the spoken daily language, reading and writing. Come and learn the language and culture of your ancestors; and bring a friend!
The OLR Arabic Language Program includes three levels for adults:
Level I (for adults):
Students will learn the Arabic Alphabet & numbers, become familiar with the sounds of letters, and start decoding words. They will build a basic vocabulary bank that will relate to their reading comprehension. In addition they will have a 30 minutes conversation before each class covering survival vocabulary in the spoken daily language.
Level II (for adults):
Students will be reading paragraphs, starting basic Arabic grammar & working on vocabulary enrichment, which will help improve their spoken language.
Level III (for adults):
Students will be able to read and comprehend short stores, learning new vocabulary words, start basic writing skills using regular verbs in the present tense, prepare and present a short oral presentation in class.
For more information, please call Therese Issa at 248.433.3083 or eMail

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