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Councilman John Akouri, former Washington, DC Press Secretary & Capitol Hill Advisor, is President & CEO of the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce.

Friday, September 12, 2008

LACC President & CEO John Akouri Accepts Request from Major General Thomas P. Bostick to Serve on the United States Army Grassroots Advisory Board

(LANSING, MI)...With the vision of connecting the United States Army's mission, values, Soldiers, and career opportunities with the community, Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce President & CEO John Akouri has accepted a position on the US Army Grassroots Advisory Board.
As a community leader and support of the US Army, Major General Thomas P. Bostick, and the US Army Recruiting Command sought assistance from Akouri, as a respected leader and one who recognizes the importance of building strong bridges between military service and the communities in which Americans live and work. Akouri was chosen along with a select group of 'movers and shakers' who are well known and respected and hold considerable influence in communities critical to the success of the Army team.
With his addition and activity on the Board, Akouri will serve as the connection between the local Army team and the community, regularly meet with the Army team to receive information and provide advice to challenges encountered in the recruiting process, occasionally be called upon individually—based on area of expertise—to offer advice and assistance, use personal influence to open doors and create opportunities for the Army team, and provide continuity over the long term. While local Army team leaders come and go, Advisory Board Members are vested in the community.
In humbly accepting the Board position, Akouri thanked the US Army for indeed a gracious invitation and distinguished opportunity to serve his country. He went on to say:
"I am honored to have been considered for inclusion on this respected Board. I have been powerfully impressed in my time working with our US Army thus far, and I look forward to our relationship for years to come. From listening to and with you, learning from you and offering my time and efforts to you in any way I can.
Please know that I am at the Army's service and committed to the success of the Grassroots Board. Additionally, I look forward to working with our troops to protect our homeland, honor our service men and women, be active in recruiting young Americans, and to rejoice in our success.
It is imperative to acknowledge the enduring terrorist threats during this past decade on all our lives, and be committed to confronting our enemies. In this way we, as a nation, must be united so that the America will be safer, stronger, and more secure.
I am eager to learn from our military what are their needs as they look to us for leadership, while we apply our resources in support of their efforts. Let this be the beginning of a new era for us all. The spirit in which I accept this calling today, as an American and as an individual, is the spirit of commitment and dedication. May God continue to bless our troops and our country."

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