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Councilman John Akouri, former Washington, DC Press Secretary & Capitol Hill Advisor, is President & CEO of the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

US Presidential Candidate Rudolph Giuliani Meets with Lebanese Christian Leaders in Michigan

MICHIGAN/USA: 2008 Presidential Candidate Rudolph Giuliani poses for a photograph with John Akouri, Chairman & CEO of the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce
Councilman John Akouri & Chamber Delegation pose with Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
BIRMINGHAM, MI - Former New York City Mayor & 2008 Presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani met today with a delegation of Lebanese Christian Leaders at The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan, USA. Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce (LACC) Chairman & CEO John Akouri led the delegation. Akouri welcomed Giuliani back to Michigan and thanked him and George for suggesting the meeting. Topics in the morning discussions included:
  • The current situation in Lebanon and the need to maintain a strong Christian presence especially with respect for the Lebanese Constitution calling for the President of Lebanon to be Christian.
  • The call for safe and secure borders with Lebanon's neighbors, mainly Israel and Syria and the respect of Lebanon's sovereignty and an end to Syrian interference in Lebanese matters.
  • The need to maintain continued support for both the current Lebanese government in Beirut with increased support to the Lebanese Army fighting Al-Qaida inspired terrorists Fatah al-Islam, near the northern port city of Tripoli - ancestral hometown of Akouri's family.
  • The immediate and unconditional release and return of all Lebanese detainees, POW's & MIA's currently being held in Syria - some for over 30 years.
  • The disarmament of Hezbollah and support for the United Nations Peace-keepers patrolling the southern border.
  • The senseless assassinations of elected official, journalists, Members of Parliament and Ministers in Lebanon
  • The plight of all Christians in the Middle East - specifically Iraq's dwindling Christian population of Chaldeans and Assyrians, including the tens of thousands whom have fled to Lebanon to escape the War.
Akouri informed Giuliani of the over 3 million Americans of Middle Eastern descent with the majority being Lebanese. In terms of building coalitions, Akouri stressed the importance of such a key demographic and in today's world a very strategic constituency. Mayor Giuliani thanked the delegation for the meeting noting he gained considerable knowledge and information. He also said that he would consider naming a Lebanese American to fill a Cabinet post in a Giuliani Administration. Past Presidential Cabinet Members of Lebanese-descent in the United States have included Health & Human Services Secretary Dr. Donna Shalala during the Clinton Administration and Energy Secretary E. Spencer Abraham during the Bush Administration.

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