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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In LebLish: Twas The Night Abil Chrussmuss!

Twas il night abil Chrussmuss and the house was mazboot, Not a wa-hish was stirring, not even a bar-ghoot. Il tree was lit up mit-lil shams al sham-moo-seh, And Jiddo complain, "you waste lek-trik ya man-hoo-see."
Il stockniss was hung hawalayt el chumley all day, We hope that St. Nick-luss soon baddo ye-jeh. And knowing that Santa would fill every one, We use Sitto’s stocknuss, ‘cause each holds a ton!
Il childrun was sleeping so very serene, They dream of baklaweh, im-jaddara, and tein. My wife lay beside me, she snoring so freely, She keeps me awake, so I smoke my nargeelee!
When up in the attic I hear a great harakee, It sounded like something was wrong with the karakee."Ya Batil," I shouted! "A tragic tak-teer!"
"The karakee is busted, no 3arak this year! "I fly to the attic, with tanjara in hand, To save a few drops of this whiskey so grand.
But when I arrive, now shou do I shouf ? Well nothing is wrong, so I climb to the roof. Il amarr was shining, il stars was so bright, And kil shee was covered with talej so white.
And right on my roof top I see Santa’s 3arabeyeh, And eight Buffing reindeer a looking my wayah. Bass waynak ya Santa, he’s missing, but why? No sooner I ask, then I hear his muffled cry.
I walk on the rooftop and look all about, And there min il chumley, two feet sticking out! Ya Dilli, it's Santa! Yee, shou lazzam I do? Yimkin I should BUSH him and BUSH him right through.
Bass Santa he cry, from below and afar, "Grab hold of my feet and Bull me ya H7amar. "One hour I am bulling, one hour balla stop, Hatta, finally Santa come down with a blop!
"Tafathal, tsharafna!" I joyfully toot, Bass blainly I see he’s not very mabsoot. He reaches in his bag and with bresents he fill me, Then shaking his finger, he start to bahdilnee.
"You must widen hal chumley and do it right quick, Or I’ll come back next year and bifrik-lack your neck."
And laughing he jump in his big shining 3arabayeh,
And cracking his whip he is off and awayah. On Usef, on Rustum, on Boutrous, Elyas,We’re way behind schedule, so tateeha the ghaz.
And he look back and shout as his 3arabayeh disappear, Merry Chrussmuss lay koolkun, and Habby New Year!

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