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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

1,291,010 Voters Cast their Ballot for John Akouri in 2006 Michigan General Election*

CAMPAIGN HQ - Wayne State University Board of Governors Candidate John Akouri issued the following statement early this morning:
"I wish to thank, with all my heart, each and every person involved in my campaign from the start. First and foremost, I thank God for so many blessings bestowed upon me throughout the campaign. I greatly thank my family for always standing at my side and supporting me. Thanks also to the countless volunteers, campaign workers, GOP activists, contributors, friends and supporters throughout the state who gave so much of their time and effort. I have met so many people along the way and will never forget the journey that brought us to yesterday's election. Most importantly, I wish to thank the over one million Michigan voters who cast their ballots in my name - who believed in our grass roots campaign coupled with our message and vision of securing a bright future for Wayne State University and its students. I also want to send an abundance of thanks and extend my sincere gratitude to Chairman Saul Anuzis and Jane Abraham and their premier staff at State GOP Headquarters in Lansing. Since my nomination at the convention in August, the Chairman's team has worked tirelessly and deserve high praise and recognition for their exemplary work. Lastly, as the electorate has spoken, I offer Debbie Dingell and Eugene Driker my congratulations, and wish them well in their roles as members of the BOG. They are decent individuals that will do a fine job at WSU and I pledge my support to them and the entire board, for the benefit of the University. "
*Precincts Reporting - 5681 out of 5681 - 100%.

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