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Councilman John Akouri, former Washington, DC Press Secretary & Capitol Hill Advisor, is President & CEO of the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Statement by Councilman John Akouri on the Visit of Dr. Samir Geagea to the United States

(MICHIGAN, USA)...As reported in An Nahar today, released Lebanese Forces leader Dr. Samir Geagea is planning a visit in the near future to the United States. According to the Lebanese newspaper, "Reports making the rounds in Beirut say Geagea plans to go, or has already gone, to Belgium from France and would travel with his wife Sitrida Geagea to the United States from Brussels." Lebanese-American City Councilman John Akouri issued the following statement:

The Lebanese American community stands ready to greet Dr. Geagea upon his arrival to the United States. His release combined with yesterday's decision by Parliament to reopen the MTV television station reaffirms the commitment of the new Lebanese government to continue national reconciliation and dialogue, while also upholding the freedom of expression through all forms of media. Historically, Beirut and Washington have always maintained a close relationship and in that context, I extend an invitation to all Lebanese leaders from all political backgrounds to visit the US and our Lebanese American community to remind them that the Lebanese diaspora has a deep and vested interest in the future of Lebanon. The release of Dr. Geagea beckons us all to continue our calls for an immediate release of ALL political prisoners and human rights activists held captive inside and outside of Lebanon, as we continue to witness our beloved Lebanon - like the Phoenix, once again rise from its ashes - to begin a new dawn.

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