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Thursday, June 30, 2005

National ALNM Officials Monitor Homeland Security Exercise

FARM-EX II Terror Drill Offers Learning Experience
(HOUSTON, TX)...The American Lebanese National Movement (ALNM) applauds the City of Farmington Hills, Michigan for a job well done on their Homeland Security exercise that took place Thursday night, June 30th and continued through Friday morning, July 1st. Described as “one of the largest disaster training exercises in Southeast Michigan,” FARM-EX II engaged about 40 local, state and federal agencies and over 300 participants in an emergency training drill to test their readiness for any natural disaster or terrorist attack. A local hospital also took part in this homeland security exercise that took over seven months of planning and preparation.

Councilman John Akouri of Farmington Hills, a Lebanese American, along with ALNM Public Information Officer, Dr. Hamid Kantara of Houston, Texas, toured the site for nearly an hour Thursday evening during the exercise and were briefed as “victims” were being rescued from the demolished building and taken for decontamination and medical care. “About 70 citizens were reported to have fallen ‘victims’ to the explosion that caused a partial collapse of a hotel,” reported Councilman Akouri. “In Farmington Hills, we are committed to taking every step needed to secure a safe environment for our citizens. And, in case of a true emergency, we want to ensure that our public safety personnel and our neighboring city emergency response teams are ready to engage themselves with discipline, precision and absolute coordination.”

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