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Friday, October 29, 2004

Open Letter to the American People: Return Bush/Cheney on Tuesday

Often times, as an elected official and a veteran politico, I am asked by family, friends and neighbors as to whom I am supporting during an election. This year, the choice couldn’t be clearer. Our President, George W. Bush has demonstrated leadership at home by providing sound economic policies in lowering taxes so small businesses and families can invest and create jobs; doubled the child credit and reduced the marriage penalty, improved our schools for our children; directed faith-based initiatives; and is preserving and protecting the sanctity of marriage and the values of traditional families. He understands that many Americans work hard to make ends meet which is why he continues to push for pro-growth policies that will strengthen our economy, lower health care costs, and raise Americans’ standard of living.

In the War on Terror; President Bush, working with a coalition of the willing, made the case for taking action in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the need to fight this war not by waiting for terrorists to strike on our soil, but by going on the offensive. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator who caused decades of death and turmoil; who harbored terrorist leaders, and used chemical weapons on innocent men, women, and children. He is finally facing justice and Iraq is now evolving into an example of reform in the region. Iraqi security forces are fighting beside coalition troops to defeat the terrorists and foreign fighters who threaten the world. Because the United States is helping to raise a peaceful democracy, America is safer. President Bush pledged to end a dangerous regime, free the oppressed, and restore sovereignty. He’s keeping his word.

In the aftermath of September 11, Afghanistan was the home base of al Qaeda, ruled by the Taliban, one of the most backward and brutal regimes of modern history. Girls were denied schooling, whipped in the streets and executed in sports stadiums. Al Qaeda sent forth thousands of killers to set up terror cells in dozens of countries, including our own. In Afghanistan today, thanks to President Bush and our troops, terror camps are closed, children are attending school, and the Afghan government is helping us to hunt the Taliban and terrorists. Because of President Bush, a threat has been removed, and the American people are safer. So on this Tuesday, I urge you to please vote as if your life depends on it…because it does.

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